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Mother's Day is upon us. Many moons ago we agreed that we would share our personal sentiment behind our cards- because a whole lot of us goes into each design just as a whole lot of you goes into writing cards to others. Today we feel pretty honored to share how our mama's inspired us as we created our first pair of Mother's Day cards.

Kelly + Deb

I'm lucky to have a strong relationship with my Mom; who I like to call Deb, even though it irritates her when I don't call her "Mom." As I've gotten older, our relationship has continued to evolve and we've become closer in ways I never imagined. Its nice to be at this place where I feel like we are both teaching each other, and bringing different perspectives to the table that the other may not have realized. Her love has always been unconditional, and I'm forever grateful to her for the support she gives while I choose to live an untraditional lifestyle -- she always told me I could do it. As I mentioned before, I know I'm very lucky to have a mom like this.
Deb went through a lot when I was young, losing both my father and hers; I really don't know how she did it with such grace and strength while having a child, but she did. My Mom is a boss, and gets shit done. Transitioning into adulthood, I think of this often and try to channel her spirit -- it is hard! How did you do it, Debie?!
This film strip is one of my favorite photos of us. I think it captures our similar humor which includes fart jokes and shaking our naked butts at each other. I credit Deb for my casual nudity around the house, the open door policy when using the bathroom so conversations can continue, my deep love of classic cheeseburgers (i.e. Frisko Freeze, Pick Quick, Dicks, etc.), and obsessing over fluffy kitties! Oh and not to forget, our appreciation of a clean bathroom.
Also, I am her clone and I know my aging process -- that's pretty cool too

Teresa + Julie

Searching for a photo of my mom and I was rough - which is such an indicator of the selfless giving nature of my mother- forever in service to her children. My mom was always the one taking the photos, making our schedules, holding it all together.
As a young artsy kid she taught me how to organize my creativity and apply it. She is my original example of extreme project management. Want to learn how to multitask? Watch my mother in the 80's: twin newborn babies, a three year old, a husband and a full-time teaching position. 
When I was young I was not the easy child. I was strong headed and passionate with my words (sorry mom). In one of my more passionate "talks" with my mother as a teenager she said something I think about often. "There is power in every emotion, don't deny yourself the chance to feel it." My mama taught me to lean into my emotion in such a passionate way. I am always in such awe of the way she selflessly, passionately lives. Tell my mother you are in awe of how she did it all with such grace and she will wave you off. She is the oldest of five children, her father died when she was only eleven. My mother watched her mother raise five children on her own, selfless strong women are bountiful in my upbringing.
Mama, grandma, how lucky I am to have you as examples of what it means to be a woman in this life. I truly am your #1 fan.