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Digging into a creative project can be daunting. Today on the blog Teresa shares a few of her favorite tips and tricks to getting into your creative work groove in Seattle.

For me, the hardest part of a creative project- whether it's creating new card designs or taking on a freelance project- is starting. I always need a jolt of inspiration, or something new to spark the work. As a native Seattleite my go to places to jump start my creative juice have changed a million times over. Today I am giving you my spring list:


1. The Downtown (Central Branch) Seattle Library: This recommendation is the only one that has really held down its number one spot over the years - and for good reason. It one of my favorite treasure troves for work you never knew you needed. The oversized reference books are full of pattern, history, and type references you cannot find anywhere else. I highly recommend you use the light rail for this trip, you are going to be there longer than you think.


2. Artist & Craftsman Supply: This store was recommended to me recently by a friend and my first trip did not disappoint. It is tucked in the basement of a Petco building in the University district and has a nutty decorating thing going for it. There is an excellent supply of papers and crafting supplies that you won't find at Dick Blick's for reasonable prices. Their paint section is on the smaller side but paint they do carry is high quality. The store itself seems to go on forever. I guarantee you will leave with something you had no plans of getting and weren't sure even existed.


3. Elliott Bay Book Company: This is one of my favorite local bookstores and my go to place for children's books. I am a big fan of children's book illustration - it is always such a lesson in visual story telling. The books I have purchased from Elliott Bay are always my favorites. Unlike Amazon, you are supporting the little guy and have the ability to stumble upon the work of someone you didn't know about before while you pick through the shelves. Plus, you can't go wrong with a something from Little Oddfellows on your way out.


These are my current true blue, out of the office work spaces:

4. Coyle's Bakeshop: Located in a moderately busy part of Greenwood, Coyle's is my favorite place for a short work trip. They don't have a crazy amount of space, or Wifi (to my knowledge) but they have plenty of sun to draw in on a good day. I recommend you go in the morning, order a pastry and then stay until 11, when they start making their salads and sandwiches - which are in my opinion, not given the praise they deserve (they are just as good as the pastry work!). Maybe also leave with cake - ok everything, eat everything.


5. Juicebox Cafe: Juicebox is my forever workspace and home away from home. Their food is always comforting, their staff is my very favorite and you cannot do better than to sit next to the plant wall and work all day. Plus the exterior mural work (designed by hum creative and painted by yours truly) doesn't hurt either.


6. Union Coffee: This shop is relatively new and located on the lower side of Capitol Hill. It is light and airy, with two floors. The second housing a long worktable with outlets galore for all your computer charging needs. You will find me perched at the counter overlooking the street. Nothing is better than a little people watching during your work day.


That is it my friends! I hope you find these helpful - and if we end up working side by side, always free free to say hi.

Happy Spring!